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The Home & School Association works to organize social functions and fundraising activities, the proceeds from which enable Saint Benedict School to offer a quality Catholic education at a minimal cost to parents.

All parents are strongly urged to become active members of and to support programs sponsored by the Association either by volunteering services at events or selling products to raise funds for the Association. Together, we can raise money toward the school’s subsidy and improve the quality of education our students receive.


2015-16 Home & School Association Board

President: Kelleigh Farabaugh
Vice President: Karen Holtz
Treasurer: Teresa Hilyer
Overseer of Family Subsidy: Principal Jeffrey Maucieri
Contact Information: HSA@benedictpride.org


Fundraising Policy

Last year, the HSA Board and School Council collaborated to revise the policy, which is currently in effect.

Each family will now be updated quarterly regarding the status of their $1000 responsibility to the subsidy. View these examples to learn more about the point system and how your effort to volunteer/fundraise earns money toward your $1000 subsidy. Those families who raise above their $1000 responsibility are eligible to request up to $500 tuition credit for the first child and up to $250 for the second child and consecutive children.

Saint Benedict School alumni families who now attend Bishop Carroll Catholic High School may continue to assist SBS HSA fundraising efforts to also be eligible to request credit toward their BCCHS tuition. (A detailed explanation of this policy will be dispersed to each family.)

View the detailed 2015-16 fundraising policy here.


2015-16 Fundraising Activities

  • Celebrating Home: (September) Catalog sale of home goods featuring holiday decor and candle fragrances – a great way to stock-up on Christmas gifts.
  • October Gun Tickets: (June-October) Lottery-based game with chances to win prizes provided by Field & Stream every day in the month of October. The goal is to sell 2500 tickets for $20 each.
  • Gertrude Hawk Christmas Candy Sale: (October) Catalog sale of chocolates and other holiday candy—another great way to stock-up on Christmas gifts.
  • Longaberger Basket Bingo: (November) Bingo event featuring Longaberger baskets and other home goods. There are many chances to win featured products – bingo games, 50-50, instants, basket raffles, etc.
  • January Lottery Tickets: (November – January) Lottery-based game with chances to win cash prizes every day in the month of January. These tickets are also great Christmas stocking stuffers!
  • Annual Benefit Auction: (February) Live and silent auction evening event, which includes dinner, drinks, and entertaining experience. This event is usually held the last weekend of February so please mark your calendars. And it’s never too early to start gathering donated items for this event.
  • Gardners Candy: (February) Catalog sale of spring and Easter candies.
  • Mary Kay: (April) Catalog sale of beauty products and fragrances – great buys for Mother’s Day.
  • Race for Education: (May) One-day walking event financially supported by donations requested by the school community.
  • Spring Fling: (May) Weekend-long event filled with a school dance, May Crowning, balloon launch, ice cream social, and turkey dinner. A fantastic celebration of Mother Mary and all mothers!
  • Family Golf Outing: (June) One-day group golf event concluded with a picnic.
  • Box Tops for Education: (On-going) This collection of Box Tops runs throughout the school year. We ask that when you purchase your favorite General Mills products, you clip the Box Tops from the packaging and submit them at the time of our request. Each Box Tops coupon is worth 10 cents which is returned to the school as CASH. Learn more about collecting box tops.
  • Labels for Education: (On-going) This collection of Labels runs throughout the school year. We ask that you clip and save UPCs from participating products. These Labels earn FREE education resources for our school. A list of participating products can be found at www.labelsforeducation.com.


Payment Procedure

In an effort to properly track payments submitted for ALL fundraising events, it is requested that ALL payments be made by check endorsed to “Saint Benedict School” and sealed in an envelope clearly marked “TO: HSA” with the specific fund-raising activity when sent in to the school office.

For: October Gun Tickets


Communicating with the HSA Board

Contacting the Board is now easier. No need to remember a lot of email addresses because now the Board has its own! So, if you wish to volunteer for any of the above listed activities, or if you just have an inquiry or comment, send it to: HAS@benedictpride.org or you are welcome to call Kelleigh Farabaugh at (814) 619-5395.


Additional Resources

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