Saint Benedict values family involvement as integral part of our success, and our faculty and staff work hard to involve parents fully at all levels of education.

We are blessed to have parents who are actively involved in the education of their children and are deeply invested in their academic, social, and spiritual development. Parents describe Saint Benedict as an investment, citing community support, individual attention, and faith among the unique qualities of the school.




“The kids are happy, educated, and well rounded, and they participate in the faith community and the larger community.”

–Monica Farabaugh, board member and parent

“The community support [is what makes Saint Benedict unique] –the close-knit, grounded, moral, small town feeling – everyone is helping you with your child – he/she is not just a number.”

 – Jenny Maurer, parent

“Students have to learn to get along with everyone – that’s valuable when you are merging into a larger group. Academically, they are prepared – we have good teachers and a good curriculum. As far as religion goes, once kids get to high school, religion might go by the wayside, but we give kids a good foundation in religion and that they stay more involved.”

– Pam Snedden, Parent

“I recommend [Saint Benedict] to other parents [because of] the education and the dedication and caring of the teachers. The environment is so protective and safe for kids. They grow in faith. It’s worth whatever you have to pay to have your kid there.”

 – Carol Schall, Parent

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