Student Handbook


Saint Benedict is an elementary school presenting the three-fold mission of the Catholic Church:

To witness the message of Jesus
To build a community with Jesus Christ as the center
To serve God’s people through love, support and prayer

We strive through the use of the Common Core Standards and the Diocesan curriculum to teach students the truths and values of the Catholic faith rooted in Benedictine spirituality and the practical applications of learning. The school aims to develop within the students a sense of positive self-awareness and mutual respect by providing a friendly, supportive, and secure environment.

Administration, faculty and parents work collaboratively to provide each child with an individual opportunity to continue to grow and apply their knowledge. Realizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, we understand that what we teach at school will be nurtured at home, utilized throughout their educational careers, and displayed throughout life.

At Saint Benedict School, we teach the Benedictine Hallmarks to help students become good Christians and citizens:

1. Love of Christ and neighbor: St. Benedict students learn to live life with compassion and love for others.

2. Prayer: Students develop a faith that God is present and at work in the world now.

3. Stability: Students learn the value of stability in their daily interactions with one another, in good times and in bad.

4. Conversatio: Students commit to striving to live in the likeness of Christ.

5. Obedience: Students learn the true meaning of obedience—to be listeners and to value the wisdom that others have to offer them.

6. Discipline: Students benefit from learning to focus their energy through the fundamental disciplines of prayer, work and finding God’s presence in the community, the world and within oneself.

7. Humility: Students are held accountable and encouraged to recognize their own talents and those of others.

8. Stewardship: Students practice good stewardship—the use of materials wisely for the good of all.

9. Hospitality: Through humility and the practice of listening, students become compassionate individuals who extend a helping hand and gracious welcome to all people.

10. Community: Students learn the value of community service and their role in providing for others.

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