School Lunch Program


At Saint Benedict School, we teach the Benedictine Hallmarks to help students become good Christians and citizens:

1. Love of Christ and neighbor: St. Benedict students learn to live life with compassion and love for others.

2. Prayer: Students develop a faith that God is present and at work in the world now.

3. Stability: Students learn the value of stability in their daily interactions with one another, in good times and in bad.

4. Conversatio: Students commit to striving to live in the likeness of Christ.

5. Obedience: Students learn the true meaning of obedience—to be listeners and to value the wisdom that others have to offer them.

6. Discipline: Students benefit from learning to focus their energy through the fundamental disciplines of prayer, work and finding God’s presence in the community, the world and within oneself.

7. Humility: Students are held accountable and encouraged to recognize their own talents and those of others.

8. Stewardship: Students practice good stewardship—the use of materials wisely for the good of all.

9. Hospitality: Through humility and the practice of listening, students become compassionate individuals who extend a helping hand and gracious welcome to all people.

10. Community: Students learn the value of community service and their role in providing for others.

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